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Marty Greiner

Ms. Greiner, joined BEP as Deputy Director (Chief Administrative Officer) (CAO) in August 2017.  A seasoned executive with more than 30 years of financial and managerial experience with the federal government, Ms. Greiner oversees BEP’s Associate Director (Chief Financial Officer), Associate Director (Chief Information Officer), and Associate Director (Management).  These directorates are responsible for budgeting, acquisition, human resources, diversity, inclusion, environmental health and safety, facilities management, information technology, strategic planning, and personnel and physical security. 

Ms. Greiner was appointed Assistant Commissioner for Management and Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of the Bureau of the Fiscal Service on October 7, 2012, when the Financial Management Service and the Bureau of the Public Debt were consolidated into one bureau.  In this role, she provided direction and leadership for the bureau’s wide variety of administrative and financial programs.  Ms. Greiner consolidated administrative functions including creating a new appropriation structure and new cost accounting models, rewrote all policies and procedures, negotiated a new master labor agreement, and set strategic direction during her tenure with Fiscal Service. 

In 1991, Ms. Greiner began her career with the Internal Revenue Service in the CFO’s office and quickly progressed to supervisory budget analyst.  In 1999, she joined the newly created Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) as the National Director for Performance and Investment/CFO.  She was instrumental in establishing TIGTA’s financial and performance management program.  She was selected as the Assistant Inspector General for Management Services in 2002 and she oversaw a diverse set of programs including financial management, human resources, facilities management and strategic planning. 

In late 2005, Ms. Greiner joined the United States Mint as a Senior Advisor to the Director responsible for the implementation of a new Enterprise Resource Planning system and a shared service arrangement with the Bureau of Public Debt’s Administrative Resource Center.  She became the Mint’s CFO in July 2006. 

Ms. Greiner received her Masters of Business Administration from George Washington University and a Bachelor of Science degree in marketing from the University of Alabama at Birmingham.  She has received numerous awards including the prestigious Presidential Rank Award in 2010.  She resides in Arlington, Virginia with her husband and miniature dachshunds.  She is an avid embroidery and cross stitch enthusiast.  She uses Zentangle® to manage stress and foster creativity.