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Randall Burleson

Randall C. Burleson, CPCM Chief Procurement Officer

The Office of the Chief Procurement Officer (OCPO) is under the general direction of the Associate Director, Chief Financial Officer.  Randall C. Burleson, CPCM, is the Chief Procurement Officer for the BEP and Connie Thomas is Deputy Chief Procurement Officer.

OCPO directs all BEP procurement activities including the award and administration of contracts for research and development, architectural and engineering services, construction, advisory and assistance services, non-personal services, stock supply items, and highly specialized securities printing and processing equipment and services.

Policy and Small Business Division

The Policy and Small Business Division develops, manages, oversees and evaluates BEP's procurement policy, directives and procedures.  The division also manages the office’s Small Business Program.

Other areas of responsibility include providing support and expert advice to the Chief Procurement Officer and Deputy Chief Procurement Officer coordinating procurement reporting requirements and conducting studies, pilots, and other analyses to improve business practices and effectiveness of OCPO activities.  This division is also responsible for responding to all internal and external audits for the office.

Contact:  Monique Mohamed  (202) 874-3393


Service Contracts Division

The Service Contracts Division provides acquisition support for all services needed to support BEP’s operations, including Research and Development, Architecture & Engineering, construction, facility maintenance and operations, calibration and maintenance, and analytical studies as well as performing contract administration on those contracts.

Contact:  Wesley Rankins


Production Division

The Production Division is responsible for procuring all equipment, inventory stock items, and materials used in the manufacturing of Federal Reserve notes and other securities as well as performing contract administration on those contracts.  Equipment includes printing presses, processing and packaging equipment, inspection systems and other related items.  Inventory stock items include the purchase of various spare parts (e.g., printing press spare parts), while materials include paper, inks, and other related items (e.g., castor oil, shrink wrap).

Contact:   Kiya Plummer-Dantzler  (202) 874-1792