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Image Gallery

Since its establishment in 1862, the Bureau of Engraving and Printing has accumulated around two million objects that touch upon its history as the security printer of the United States.  These artifacts are often derived from the process of producing currency, stamps, and other miscellaneous products and include art work, printed proofs of engravings, and final products.  There are also numerous photographs depicting the people, places, and processes of the BEP.

While BEP products such as currency and stamps can be easily viewed across the Internet, this Image Gallery presents those items that are not so readily available.

The objects presented here have been selected for their fine artistic merit as well as their uniqueness in illustrating various facets of BEP’s and America’s past.   The images are organized by the topics listed below.  Click the topic to access a collection of images and click on the image to view an enlarged image of the object.



Miscellaneous Products