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Shredded Currency Distribution

Shredded currency is available through BEP.  Small amounts, as pre-packaged novelty souvenirs, are available for sale in the Washington, D.C. and Fort Worth visitor centers.

Larger amounts of shredded currency for use in artistic or commercial purposes will need to be obtained from a Federal Reserve bank; and written approval from BEP's Chief, Office of Compliance, is required before a Federal Reserve Bank will consider honoring currency residue requests.  Treasury approval will be based upon the following requirements.

  1. The recipient must follow Environmental Protection Agency and other local or state requirements for recycling shredded currency.
  2. The shredded currency must not be recycled into paper of printable quality.
  3. The residue must not be used as confetti, or in loose form such as used in packing materials.
  4. Firmly seal any container in which the residue is placed so that it must be broken in order to remove the residue.  The container must be at least 4 mils thick.
  5. Due to the presence of various chemicals in ink, the recipient must not use shredded currency for the creation of products designed to hold food or drink for human consumption.
  6. If the recipient is intending to make a product with shredded currency, a sample of the product and/or packaging and marketing materials may be required.
  7. The recipient must not claim the value of the shredded currency enclosed in a product as having a monetary value greater than the weight of the shredded currency per ounce, or fraction thereof, multiplied by $165 per ounce.
  8. The recipient must not ship the shredded currency overseas.
  9. The recipient must not place any replica of U.S. currency on any product or container into which shredded currency is placed, or on any related advertising or other written material.
  10. The recipient must agree not to resell or otherwise dispose of the residue without Treasury approval.

Requestors must agree to the above conditions and state intended use in a written request to the following address:

Bureau of Engraving and Printing
Attn:  Chief, Office of Compliance
Shredded Currency Request
14th and C Streets, SW
Room 321-A
Washington, D.C. 20228

Please include the following contact information, and allow 21 days for a response:

  1. Name (First, Last, MI)
  2. Home Address (Street, City, State, Zip Code)
  3. Home Phone Number
  4. Cell Phone Number
  5. Personal Email Address
  6. Name of Business
  7. Business Address (Street, City, State, Zip Code, Room Number)
  8. Business Phone Number
  9. Business Email Address

The Department of the Treasury reserves the right, at its own discretion, to revoke any approval granted if the above conditions are violated. Privacy Act Statement - Use of Shredded U.S. Currency System