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Tour Accessibility

The BEP is an Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant facility offering:

  • Wheelchairs upon request from a tour guide.
  • Elevators to access all floors.
  • Sign language tours on Monday, Wednesday and Friday with two workdays advance notice. To request sign language interpretation, please call the Tour Office at (202) 874-2330 or email tourscheduler@bep.gov. 
  • Service animals are welcome. Emotional support animals are not service animals per the ADA and are not permitted on the tour. No pets are permitted on the tour.
  • An introductory tour video with captions.
  • A handout of the currency production process, in large print format, from a tour guide upon request.

For information regarding accessibility prior to your visit, please call the Tour Office at (202) 874-2330 or email tourscheduler@bep.gov.

Additional Information

External Civil Rights Program

Limited English Proficiency (LEP) Program