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Education, Training and Development

Two men getting trained on operating offset printing machine

The Office of Human Resources’ Center for Excellence provides quality training for employees.  Its mission is to enable achievement of individual excellence and organizational high performance by creating continuous learning and development opportunities for all BEP employees.  Its vision is to bring continuous educational opportunities to the world's premier securities printer.

Goals of the Office of Human Resources’ Center for Excellence:

Add to BEP productivity through individual improvement in:

  • Leadership and Management
  • Technical Experience
  • Business Excellence

The Center for Excellence provides BEP employees with assistance in all their training and development needs, whether they are professional or organizational.  The Center for Excellence was formed in response to advancing technology and the need to prepare employees for such changes, and to make them aware of skills they may be underutilizing.

The Center for Excellence will make a concentrated effort toward improving the basic skills of the employees in the jobs most affected by changes in technology and will provide an array of different training vehicles such as computer-based, self-paced, video, as well as some other traditional training methods.

The BEP’s goal is that these varied learning opportunities will enrich employees' careers and promote organizational excellence.


The Merit Promotion Program

The underlying principle of our Merit Promotion Program is the identification, qualification evaluation and selection of candidates made without regard to political, religious, labor organization affiliation, marital status, race, color, sex, national origin, non-disqualifying physical or mental handicap, or age, and shall be based solely on job-related criteria in accordance with legitimate position requirements.


The Merit Promotion Program is directed toward:

  • Contributing to the accomplishment of mission goals by staffing positions with high-quality employees.
  • Providing career opportunities for employees and ensuring that all employees are fully informed of those opportunities.
  • Bringing to the attention of management high-quality employees who have the capacity to perform in more responsible assignments.
  • Fostering and facilitating the mobility of employees in the interest of broadening their experiences and increasing their qualifications.
  • Ensuring the maximum utilization of employees in positions for which they are best qualified.
  • Ensuring that the skills, qualifications, achievements and promotion potential of employees are recognized and fairly considered in the staffing process.
  • Encouraging employees to improve their performance to develop their knowledge, skills and abilities.